Detox & Weight Loss

Understanding unique nutritional deficiencies and the optimal detoxification support needed for your body is a crucial aspect for optimal health and weight loss.

A mind-boggling amount of environmental toxins and stealth infections impact your body each and every day… brought on by industrial farming practices and general pollution of air, land and sea.

Fortunately, when it comes to naturally-occurring toxins, your body can take steps to keep itself clean and you can give you body a helping hand. However, when it comes to man-made chemicals – including what’s called xenobiotics – there are far fewer processes in place to protect against them and deeper detox is necessary.

You see, as toxin levels build up to a critical mass inside your body, you may eventually experience fatigue, headaches, brain fog, weight gain and more.

That’s why failing to eliminate high levels of toxins can also lead to a number of serious illnesses that affect hormone balance, digestion, joint health, and proper mental function. Oftentimes, people dealing with these ailments will turn to medications to merely address symptoms without realizing the true root cause of their chronic dis-ease.

At Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions, we offer a number of advanced treatment and laboratory testing methods to understand your body’s nutritional status and identify optimal detoxification options based on your specific results.

Our goal is to unlock vibrant health for our patients by giving them cleansing strategies to rid their bodies of dangerous toxins and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle that they can use for a lifetime.

In addition to supporting your body’s detox processes, you may also consider intermittent fasting protocols like Prolon®  to regenerate stem cells, slowing the aging process, protect against chronic illness, improve skin tone, and aid in easier weight loss.

To discover what options may be right for you, please feel free to schedule a complimentary phone consultation with a member of our team.

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