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At Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions, we enjoy hearing from our patients, the community and healthcare providers. Please feel free to contact us for any comments or questions regarding concerns. Feel free to schedule your Discovery Consultation today and meet our team!

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Our team at Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions strives to provide our patients with the most effective and medically advanced techniques available. We are here for you and will do whatever it takes to improve your overall well-being and provide a path for continued holistic health moving forward.

Additionally, when we connect our coordinators will have a few questions for you so they can assess your case and share the ways that Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions may be able to help you on your health journey. 

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“Dr. Boxill is the absolute most real, caring Dr. I have ever been cared for by. I can say she has literally changed my life by listening to what’s going on and having the knowledge to treat those issues functionally. I recommend her to anyone dealing with any kind of ongoing health issue or who just wants to feel there absolute best.”

- N.C

“Had the pleasure of working with Dr. Boxill. Incredibly compassionate provider, always present for her patients and goes the distance to exhaust all treatment options. Give Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions a'll surely abandon your provider following your first encounter with Dr. Boxill!”

- E.O

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