Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to work in partnership with you on your journey towards vibrant health! Please review frequently asked questions listed below and feel free to contact our staff for any other questions via email or phone.

Scheduling & Visits

During your initial consultation, We will carefully review and discuss your medical history as well as perform any needed physical exams.

We decide together on which tests, exams, nutrition, lifestyle considerations, referrals, supports and collaboration you need that is best aligned to help meet your goals.

Your season of life is unique. Your health goals are unique. Some seasons are assessing and addressing the root cause of illness and restoring health. Some seasons are about creating vitality and rejuvenation. Some seasons are wellness-oriented or focused on prevention and few interventions are needed. This is our opportunity to create your individualized care plan.

Initial consultation services are generally $350.00 – $ 600.00 depending on your specific need and care best suited to support you. We reserve 60-90 minutes for the initial consultation. We require a card on file to hold this appointment for you. This appointment is billed at the practice hourly rate or fee attributed to the CPT codes (ex. 99204/99205 + 99354 + 99358, or CPT code for exam or procedures) minus any applicable discounts or promotions.

There are no restrictions on the telemedicine consultation once you’ve established that you’re a candidate for our practice.

Patients have access to their care team via- phone, voice mail, email, text However, if a question or request is deemed by one of our staff to be too complicated or involved for a quick response they may, at their discretion, require that the patient schedule a phone, telemedicine or in person visit to provide the patient with the best response.
We require at least 48 business hours of notice to cancel or reschedule your appointments without a fee. This is because
  • we reserve considerable time for your appointment and time in preparation for your appointment
  • we have limited availability and often schedule weeks or months in advance and want to allow reasonable opportunity for everyone to schedule
Missed or canceled appointments without 48 business hours of notice or if you fail to come to your scheduled appointment (no show) the following fees are applied to the credit card you reserved and confirmed your appointment with:
  • Time based late fee Ex. 15 minute medication injection appointment – incurs $50.00 fee
  • 100% cost of materials prepared for any procedural visit

Billing & Insurance

As an “out of network” practice, we care for and treat you based on your needs, not on the needs of an insurance company. We offer you comprehensive care, often consisting of lifestyle, holistic, and complementary treatments, along with advanced laboratory tests, all of which are frequently deemed “experimental” to exclude them from insurance companies’ covered benefits. 

For many of our patients, we can take the place of a primary care physician. Because you can message us online during business hours, we are often able to take care of acute requests. For example, prescribing an antibiotic for a minor infection such as a sinus infection.

It is important to note the following however:

  1. We do not fulfill an insurance company’s requirement for an in network primary care physician as we are not in-network with any insurance plan.
  2. We are not available for same-day acute emergency appointments, please call 911 or your primary care doctor for emergencies.
  3. We do not have a 24-hour answering service and do not take calls on weekends. If you need to be seen urgently or have a medical emergency you would need to visit an ER or urgent care center.

Because we are “out-of network” practice, we have limited ability to work with most insurance carriers, our financial arrangement is with you. It is expected that you will pay for the care you receive at the time of service, or, if you are enrolled in a membership plan, most of your costs will have been prepaid by you.

After payment is made to our office, the bills can be submitted to PPO insurance plans as “out of network” and will be reimbursed directly to you according to each individual insurance plan. We encourage you to contact your insurance company for information on your coverage.

We are not providers for any HMO insurance, nor are we Medicare providers. Medicare patients are also required to pay at time of service and will NOT be eligible for Medicare reimbursements.

The cost of any services provided by Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions which are not included in the episode of care fee/plan will be billed to you directly. Non-Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions medical expenses such as lab tests and prescription medications may be covered by a member’s health insurance plan per that plan’s rules.

Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions will not submit a medical claim to insurance on your behalf. We cannot assist you with claim resolution for our services. We will provide you with a detailed billing summary that you may submit to your insurance for reimbursement. There may be procedures or lab tests that are not covered depending on your plan’s rules.

  • Most lab tests ordered by a Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions physician will be billed directly to your insurance by the lab.
  • Some lab tests we offer as part of our functional medicine testing program may not be covered by insurance and in these cases you will be charged a fee for a particular test by the lab or through Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions.
  • The specific tests ordered will be personalized to you based on your initial evaluation with an Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions doctor and may include blood, saliva, urine, or stool testing.
  • We will make every effort to make you fully aware of any additional lab fees that may be incurred and to give you the opportunity to choose which lab tests you feel comfortable paying for.
  • You are under no obligation to purchase any specialty testing.
  • Should any lab results indicate you may need further testing you will be directed to continue your care with your primary care physician or a relevant specialist, or should you choose you may continue to work with your Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions physician.
  • At home test kits: If a lab test kit is mailed to you by Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions, you will be charged the day the kit is mailed.
  • If your particular insurance company only pays for blood work done at a particular lab facility like LabCorp, you must inform us of this in advance of having blood work done. Most insurance plans cover labs done by major national labs – however, including Bioreference, which is a lab often used by Cosmas Integrated Care Solutions Health because of their favorable pricing policies for patients.

Do you have additional questions?  We would love to hear from you, please inquire below. 

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