Alisia Harmon


Alisia Harmon has performed as a medical assistant, phlebotomist, and trusty friend to Dr. Boxill since 2013, and she is currently our lead supporting staff. Going back to 2006, she attempted and passed a school entrance exam for fun and it turned out medical assisting was a career that complemented her strengths. Fast forward to present day, you will find her dropping by the clinic periodically or jumping in to assist the Cosmas team with any virtual task.

Alisia takes pleasure in seeing her own health roadblocks along with those of patients, as opportunities to learn and challenge the status quo. The rewarding work then provides positive energy to share with her teenage son, Adrian and toddler son, Rhyse. Her passions include expanding further into patient advocacy and health coaching. Ultimately, the adventure of growth will continue until time to withdraw into retirement alongside Dr. Boxill.

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